Mary McGrath Bio

Mary McGrath, MA

Mary E. McGrath, MA

Mary McGrath earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and her Master of Arts degree in School Psychology from San Francisco State University. She holds a Pupil Personnel Services Credentials in both School Psychology and School Counseling. Mary has worked in a variety of rural, urban and suburban communities throughout California, and has provided psychological and counseling services to preschool through adult students.

Mary has specialties in the areas of social skills, adaptive skills as they relate to attention deficit disorders, as well as interventions with issues of divorce, grief, post-traumatic stress disorder, dating violence and sexual abuse. She has written district-wide and school-based crisis plans for districts in both Northern and Southern California. Mary has chaired both district-wide and school-based crisis teams at several schools. She is a trainer of trainers for several social skills programs. Mary has made numerous staff presentations on issues such as anxiety and depression, implementing social skills curriculum, self-injurious behaviors, suicide, as well as behavioral and instructional intervention for students with emotional disorders. She also developed and facilitated a series of Parent Academies at a local junior high school. Other areas of interest include diversity, consultation, program development, curriculum development, trainings and presentations to students, parents and other practitioners.

Mary was an adjunct lecturer and supervisor for the San Francisco State University School Psychology program and a member of the Advisory Board from 1998 until her relocation to the Los Angeles area in 2001. She has been recognized by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the William S. Hart Union High School District for her innovative work as a school psychologist and dedication to students and their families.