Dynamic Interventions offers a variety of trainings and workshops designed to support parents and professionals who have typical students or those with special needs. Below is a list of workshops offered for free or at low cost in conjunction with local agencies. Call the office at 661-257-1254 for details about where you can see any of these workshops:

Basic ParentingTrainings
Helicopter Parenting
Navigating The Adolescent World (3 Part Series)
Parenting Smart; Raising Respectful and Responsible Children

Disrespectful Kids and Teens
Positive Parenting in The Modern Age

Bully Busting
Bullying and Its Impact
Building a Resilient Child
Mean Girls

Improving Your Child’s Emotional and Social Development
Overcoming Anxiety
The Mask of Depression in Children and Adolescents

School-Based Presentations
IEPs and Beyond
Homework Strategies for Parents
Maximizing Homework and Study Skills

Social Skills/Autism
How to Maximize The Social Development of Your Child
Navigating The Social World
Social Skills for Students on the Autistic Spectrum
Why Is Everyone Annoyed with Me