Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is an example of what can be delivered in a Kindergarten classroom to support the concepts of Project Friendship. Lesson plans are designed to be taught by the classroom teacher, and can be developed for all grade levels on a weekly, monthly, or semester basis.


Grade Level:  K Topic: Emotions Month: November
Concept Identify feeling states; Develop emotional management skills
Materials Blank paper


Time 15 minutes
  1. Ask the students to sit in a circle.  Ask them how they feel when:
    1. You get a gift?
    2. A toy breaks?
    3. You are sick?
    4. You meet someone new?
    5. You get in trouble?
  2. As a group, ask the students to show their silly face. Then, their     angry face.  Then, their excited face.  The teacher should then make a face (emotion of his or her choice) and ask the students what they think he/she is feeling based on his/her facial expression.  This should be repeated until the majority of the students are answering correctly.
  3. Discuss how emotions and feelings are natural parts of life and it is normal to have lots of different feelings. Make a list of feelings and brainstorm different ways people express these feelings.  Discuss the positive and acceptable ways that we express feelings at home and in school.
  4. Pair the students.  The teacher will then call out a feeling for a situation that would evoke an emotional response.  Have the students make faces to their partners representing these emotions.
    1. confused
    2. guilty
    3. angry
    4. sad
    5. surprised
    6. excited
    7. scared
    8. nervous/anxious
    9. jealous
    10. silly
    11. happy
  5. Next, ask the children to return to their seats.  Distribute blank paper and pencils. Have each student select two emotions that he/she feels frequently.  Ask them to draw pictures of themselves feeling these emotions.
  6. Once each student has completed their self-portraits,  have them share their drawings, asking questions such as “How can we tell that you are sad in the picture?”  etc.  Steer the summaries to include positive and acceptable ways to express feelings, if possible.
Closure Discussion questions:

What are some emotions we feel a lot?

What are some emotions we feel only sometimes?

How do we show our emotions?

How do we express happiness vs. anger?

Why is it important to express our feelings in a positive and acceptable way?